Run Faster. Think Faster. Play Faster


Why BTB?

BTB  Soccer Academy program is designed for young, inspired soccer players  who want to improve technically and tactically in order to reach their  goal of playing at the highest level of competition possible.  Participation in our programming follows the major player development  pathways for all youth soccer players. We build for each players future  by offering: developmental programs, winter training, fall and summer camps as well as individual and small group training. True player development occurs when each player’s daily training and playing environment is of the highest quality. We provide a stable environment where coaching consistently stresses clear communication so that specific objectives are set and achieved. Coaches give direct feedback based on player performance in training in order to maximize player development. BTB Soccer Academy aims to create the best possible environment for players to be challenged every training session by their peers and coaches.

Philosophy: The BTB Way

BTB Soccer Philosophy is a growing methodology as the players continue to develop into top level athletes. BTB Soccer Academy strives to develop players that are comfortable technically and tactically on and off the ball. 

BTB Soccer Academy is a Possession-Based academy that looks to develop players that are comfortable keeping the ball and making good decisions with and without the ball. The academy program is designed to give dedicated and talented players the training and experience needed to reach the highest levels of the game. BTB is a high tempo, high energy and intensity program thus the tag line Run Faster. Think Faster. Play Faster.


BTB Soccer Academy aspires to be one of the leading youth soccer academies in Canada. Our goal is to develop and produce elite soccer players that can go on and represent Canadian soccer on a world stage. We aspire to do this the BTB Way. BTB Soccer Academy recognizes that not every soccer player will be a professional, but every soccer player can set a goal to play at the highest level of their ability. Above all the goal is to help develop hard working people that display great character and are proud of their up bringing. BTB prides itself in giving back to the community through supporting athletes with hardship cases, volunteering, donations and mentoring young kids.  BTB Soccer Academy also aspires to one day have its own facility that allows athletes to call home.


BTB Soccer Academy has two main objectives.

1. To help develop elite soccer players that can play at the highest level both professionally and on an international stage representing Canada.

2. To help athletes set individual goals and attain those goals regardless of whether or not they are soccer related. 

It is clear to say that developing great young leaders of tomorrow is a big part of the BTB Way.