Calgary Foothills Junior Cup U12 Champions 2018

In BTB's first ever attendance at the Calgary Foothills Junior Cup, the U12 boys displayed tenacity and skill. They brought the BTB Way to Calgary and ended with a perfect record of 4 Wins, 0 Losses beating an excellent Scottish United side 3-0 in the final. Half of this roster was U11 players that were challenged by the BTB staff to play up. 


Calgary Foothills Junior Cup U10 Champions 2018

The BTB Soccer Academy U10 boys also attended their first every Calgary Foothills Junior Cup. In an unorthodox fashion the U10 boys battled adversity to lift the trophy. Having lost their first match, this group stuck together and become one of the most exciting teams to watch in the tournament. A championship game (7-2 final) vs Victoria was arguably the match of the tournament.  


Calgary Foothills Junior Cup

 U10 coach's Mike and Kondeh, along with U12 coache's Pius and Talal with the championship trophies. The smiles on their faces have little to do with those trophies and everything to do with the boys playing the BTB Way. High tempo, high intensity, lots of goals, skills, flair and above all unity as a team. The BTB Technical Director (Kondeh Mansary) was very pleased in saying "I think we have at least 5 future professional players within these two groups. We are happy that we won but even more happy that we played the right way, the BTB Way".   


Joshue Ndakala headed to Vancouver Whitecaps Academy (MLS)

Congratulation to Joshue on being selected to the U15 Vancouver Whitecaps Academy. Joshue worked very hard with the coaches at BTB to achieve his goal of being in a professional setting. Joshue's hard work, determination and down to earth attitude will continue to propel him to the next level. BTB is very proud of Joshue's accomplishments thus far and will continue to support and follow him on his journey. Keep Striving Joshue!


2018 U15 Vancouver Whitecaps Residency FC Combine (April 2018)

BTB had 3 players out of 7 that were invited out of Canada to go for a 4 days trail for the Vancouver Whitecaps residency  program. From left to right, Joshue Ndakala, Ali Yildiz, and Aaron Bessong. Congratulation lads!

2018 Whitecaps Combine All-Stars (March 2018)


Felix Mutuyemungu

Felix Mutuyemungu

Felix Mutuyemungu

Congratulations to Felix for making the game of distinction as one of the top 18 players during the 2018 Whitecaps Provincial team combine.


Ali Yildiz

Felix Mutuyemungu

Felix Mutuyemungu

Congratulations to Ali for making the game of distinction as one of the top 18 players during the 2018 Whitecaps Provincial team combine.


Joshue Ndakala

Felix Mutuyemungu

Joshue Ndakala

Congratulations to Joshue for making the game of distinction as one of the top 18 players during the 2018 Whitecaps Provincial team combine.


14 BTB boys selected for the 2018 U13 and U14 ASA Provincial Program

14 players were selected to represent Alberta North at the 2018 Whitecaps combine in Vancouver, BC. Ali Yildiz, Jawad Salla, Emmanuel Kanu, Jamie Sesay, Dieu-Merci Michel, Braxton Kennedy, Felix Mutuyemungu, Joshue Ndakala. Missing: Ali Blaybel, Aaron Bessong, Armaan Natt, Luis Burke

2018 U13 ASA Team: Jivan Aulakh, Dequawn Brown

There has been over 22 players that participated in BTB training that have been selected for the Alberta Provincial Team/ Winter Training over the last 2 years. We are very proud of all the lads that continue to strive to be the best they can be.


Vancouver Whitecaps Residency selected 2 BTB players for their U15 residency (2017)


Paul Amedume

Congratulations to Paul for being selected into the Vancouver Whitecaps academy. Paul trained with BTB since 2014. The sky is the limit for Paul as he has all the technical, tactical and physical skills to keep striving.


Brian Ananias

Congratulations to Brian for being selected into the Vancouver Whitecaps Academy.  Brain Trained with BTB since 2015. Brian is a very hard worker with good technical, tactical and physical skills, we will continue to keep an eye on Brian and his development.